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Welcome to the American Institute of Physicians (AIP)! AIP is an elite and fast growing medical organization. We are recognized on a national level because of our goals, efforts, and professionalism. Our main purpose is to unite physicians, colleagues, associates, and patients for discussion on a vast spectrum of topics.
The American Institute of Physicians has a wide variety of memberships and maintains an economic budget, so AIP can pass it's savings on to the members! AIP is the best place for members to communicate and network with one another. This is accomplished by connecting members to our prominent forum. Our members also benefit by having total access to our high speed and easy to use chatroom, where members can communicate with each other INSTANTLY! This makes it easy for our members to enhance their profession and work ethic.
Our e-store is a great place to find great savings. AIP compiles your basic needs of medical gear, supplies, and books so you can shop at one place.
Join Now, to recieve your FREE Gold Stamped Membership Certificate! This certificate distinguishes our proud members who hold the highest standard of professionalism, prominent leadership, and moral ethics.

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